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Plate Definition of Plate by Merriam-Webster.
e: home plate. f: any of the large movable segments into which the earth's' lithosphere is divided according to the theory of plate tectonics. 2 Middle English; partly from Anglo-French plate plate, bullion; partly from Old Spanish plata silver, from Vulgar Latin platta metal plate, from feminine of plattus flat.
PLATE meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
My plate was already full. He heaped more food onto his plate. I gave her a plate of food but she pushed it aside. I promised to replace the plate that I'd' dropped. All the plates were old and chipped.
plate Wiktionary.
Middle English, partly from Anglo-Norman plate plate, bullion and partly from Latin plata silver, from Vulgar Latin platta metal plate, from feminine of Latin plattus flat. plate usually uncountable, plural plates. Precious metal, especially silver. 1864, Andrew Forrester, The Female Detective.:
Plate Wikipedia.
Plate anatomy, several meanings. Dental plate, also known as dentures. Dynamic compression plate, a metallic plate used in orthopedics to fix bone. Microtiter plate or microplate or microwell plate, a flat plate with multiple wells" used as small test tubes.
The Geological Society.
The Earth is roughly spherical, so these plates are fractured into curved sections which are in constant motion relative to each other and meet in various ways along their edges these are the plate boundaries, where most volcanoes and earthquakes occur.

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